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Thread: Return the Speed vs. Accuracy Setting

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    Please bring back the accuracy vs. speed slider!

    This change has caused Swype to become very inaccurate for me, so much so that I'm looking to buy Swiftkey instead. I would be willing to pay for this feature. Up to $4

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    Convince cellphone companies like Samsung people want this feature

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    Yes yes, that accuracy vs speed feature was great. They should bring it back.

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    I don't know what kind of slider could prevent swype from typing "ghost" or "chick" when I just slide my fingers between F and H, left to right.

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    Return the Speed vs. Accuracy Setting

    This setting (Speed vs. Accuracy) helped my accuracy when Swyping on the old 3.x versions. I think it would be helpful to have this setting in the current version as well.

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    I want this implemented as well. The current version is too slow for my tastes and my accuracy is fine regardless. If anything the auto-correction feature allows me to swype even faster but since the absence of this function my swyping has been unnecessarily slow.

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    I too want this setting back. I've had the biggest issues lately with the accuracy of Swype. It gives me the most random words around. I use a Galaxy Note 3 and even when I use my stylus and can see the letters are correct under the swype trail, it gives me wrong words. On my old DroidX, I would adjust the slider to speed and rarely ever have a wrong word.

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    Please please please please.

    I appreciate your offer to "learn" my language by reading my Facebook, but what I would REALLY appreciate is the ability to increase my accuracy so I stop getting "dint" for "don't", & "penis" for "prices", (although the customer who received it thought it was hysterical)

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    Agree.. often the predicted word does not even have any of the same letters!

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    I have the same problem with accuracy as well. I cannot use Swype when replying to a company email anymore as it is just too risky that I will miss an inaccurate word. I use Swiftkey for business and Swype for personal, which is a hassle to say the least. Does anyone from Swype actually read these posts?

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