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Thread: "Comma" and "full stop" buttons fail to transform in "dash" and "apostrophe"

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    "Comma" and "full stop" buttons fail to transform in "dash" and "apostrophe"

    Hello there!

    With the passage from Swype BETA to Swype 1.5 (Paid-Play Store version), I noticed that "comma" and "full stop" buttons do not transform themselves in "dash" and "apostrophe" anymore when I press the symbols button, as it used to be before.

    This thing does clearly slow my writing process a lot (I am a swyper, not a tapper): if I am writing a sentence with many apostrophes (and it happens a lot, because I am Italian), or I am typing an emoticon that requires a dash, I need more time to get to these punctuation marks. That is why I would really like to see this thing fixed in an upcoming Swype update (please!).

    Does anyone else agree with me?
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    Is long-pressing the Comma key good enough?

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    Gesturing to the "stop/apostrophe" key and then gesturing to another letter will generate an apostrophe.

    The first long press offers the alternative shown on the key. Continuing to long press will offer all alternative associated with that key. It is time consuming, especially as the wait time for it to detect a long press is longer than the system default. That is why the are so many folks requesting a setting to specify the delay (like many other keyboards offer).
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