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Thread: Zero-width non-joiner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shahryar84 View Post
    Please add Kashida U+0640 to Persian keyboard.
    It's in the layout. Just long press the "." (dot) and you'll see it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob.W View Post
    We have a few feature requests logged internally around ZWNJ and we're still considering our options. It has been a decent amount of time since this issue was flagged, but we are looking into it. Despite our interest in this one, it is still a lower priority than some of the other changes we're looking to make.
    In this way, I guess you'll always have some high priority tasks than this one and we should never expect the ZWNJ in Persian layout! Please note lack of ZWNJ makes the Persian keyboard useless in many cases. Just for your info, it's usage frequency is much more than the letter "ئ" you've put in the first screen of Persian Keyboard. So please consider this one as high priority as it's quite long time requested be Persian users.
    Thanks in advance

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    Other Persian issues:
    The ژ character must be on long press of ز , not ر
    The آ must be first suggest on long press, not choosing one!

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    Google Gboard has ZWNJ key, but you didn't add it!

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