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Thread: How to automatically capitalize "I" in sentence and remove "W" from dictionary

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    Question How to automatically capitalize "I" in sentence and remove "W" from dictionary

    Whenever I use SWYPE, I have to manually capitalize the letter "I" when used in a sentence. I do not get an option to select "I" . It would make sense to me to always capitalize "I" when found in a sentence, and let the user deslelect capitalization of "I" if not needed. It is a minor irritation, like whenever I swype the word "We" Swype decides that I want the letter "W" instead, first. The menu usually pops up to let me select We instead. I just don't understand why "W" would ever be the first choice. I cannot find a way to remove "W" from the dictionary, so I live with it....

    Other than that, SWYPE works rather well....

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    Howdy Jrastorfer,

    What version of Swype are you using? (You can find this in Settings > Preferences > About)

    We have not seen issues with I remaining lowercased in recent versions of Swype. A workaround may be to swype downwards from the "i" to the space bar, this should input "I".

    Regarding words with capital letters being favored, selecting the lowercase version of that word from the Word Choice List (above the keyboard) a few times should change Swype's priority for you.


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    How toremove "W" from dictionary

    Thanks for your help with my Swype issues. The capitalizing of “I” as you suggest works fine.

    The version of SWYPE that I have is 3.26.92Q.39107.11341.SGH_I717

    However, when I SWYPE the word “WE” I get “W”. The Word Choice List above the keyboard does not appear for some reason when I swype this word. Any further suggestions?

    thanks for your help thus far!

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    We recommend updating to a newer version of Swype, where we have not been able to see this.

    Because you are using a pre-installed version, we are not able to update Swype for you from our end. Any updates for your pre-installed version must be delivered by your device manufacturer/wireless carrier.

    However, you can download the Paid Google Play version or the trial version, if you'd like to try a more recent version of Swype.


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