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Thread: Swype 1.4.9 user dictionary missing words

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    Swype 1.4.9 user dictionary missing words

    I find this a bit hard to believe after all the dictionary problems some versions ago, but...

    I just upgraded from 1.4.5 to (who knows why I never got prompted for an update, and when I tried to update, it said I had already updated, and I had to uninstall Swype and reinstall it), and now my dictionary has *some* of my words in it, but not most of them. Seriously?

    Swype: 1.4.9
    Upgraded: Via downloading new installer
    Phone: Galaxy Note N7000
    ROM: OEM Samsung (Vodafone AU)
    Android: 4.0.4
    Rooted: Yes
    Carrier: 3/VHA

    To reproduce:
    1) Discover that there is an update waiting in the updates list of Swype but that you never got a notification.
    2) Click this update.
    3) Watch the "Downloading" window for 3 to 5 hours.
    4) Add salt and pepper to taste
    5) Decide that the download is obviously not downloading.
    6) Repeat this process several times, or until golden brown.
    7) Click Cancel on the downloading window.
    8) Note that it now just says "Cancelling" but doesn't actually cancel.
    9) Come back a very long time later and find that it is still "cancelling", but not cancelled.
    10) Restart phone
    11) Go to sleep
    12) Wake up
    13) Shower and drive to work
    14) Go back to the update screen. Note that no update is available
    15) Check installed Swype version - it is 1.4.5
    16) Go to Swype forum
    17) Find that Swype forum has been changed, and it is impossible to find the thread that lists what the latest version of Swype is
    18) Go make coffee
    19) Open the already installed Swype installer. It requires a password, which is annoying.
    20) Download new Swype installer which does not need a password.
    21) Note that it shows a new version, 1.4.9 available
    22) Click on 1.4.9, Swype installer says it is already installed
    23) Uninstall Swype 1.4.5
    24) Re-open Swype installer and install Swype 1.4.9
    25) After install, Swype installer appears hung, ignore it
    26) Open Swype, go through standard setup process
    27) Receive email with code to enable Swype backup
    28) Click email, enable Swype backup
    29) Change language to proper English (English UK) from funny English (English US)
    30) Go to dictionary, find that about 1/8th of words are present
    31) Wait a while in case it's some form of black magic and will correct itself
    214) Get sick of waiting, delete all words/reset dictionary/change language to English/reset dictionary again/change back to UK/reset dictionary again (yes, I'm paranoid, I went through the days of the great dictionary corruption)
    215) Re-add all my words
    216) Post here.
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    (Fortunately I have my words saved in an Excel file due to having had this happen about 200 times back when the dictionary kept corrupting).

    Also, of interest, changing to a different language (from English UK back to English) showed a smaller amount of words, despite the dictionaries supposedly being the same for each language now?

    Anyway, all dictionaries reset, words all re-added from the Excel document (copy/paste into blank email, Swype + A to select all, hit Swype key, select "Add all words").

    However, it would be good if your backup feature actually backed up all the words?

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    Greetings nedmartin,

    We appreciate the humor, but we’re sorry you had such a difficult time with the updating process. Are you connecting using wifi or cellular data? It sounds like some of the issues you were having could potentially be related to general connectivity.

    Regarding issues with Backup & Sync, could we please get your Swyper ID and SWIB (Found in Settings > Preferences > Version > Swype Connect). The feature should back up all of the words you’ve added or removed. How long did you wait during step 31 for your dictionary to re-sync?

    As a side note, the Beta Installer is meant as a one-time use app (for the initial installation of Swype Beta). It doesn’t support updating over an already installed version of Swype Beta. Basically, if it detects that a build is already installed, it will tell you that you already have a build installed.

    Glad you were able to get your words back in the end.

    Thank you for the detailed post!

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    Wi-Fi - theoretically good internet connection, I didn't notice any connection loss.

    Swyper ID KM8B6yKw
    SWIB, argh to hard to type, see http://nedmartin.org/v3/public/swype-swib

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    Wi-Fi - theoretically good internet connection, I didn't notice any connection loss.

    Swyper ID KM8B6yKw
    For the SWIB, get the moderator to unmoderate my comment with a link to http :// nedmartin . org/v3/public/swype-swib :P

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