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Thread: Swype for comma

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    Swype for comma

    After nearly four years of swiping from the comma to the space bar to insert a comma- with the New update that now inserts a incorrectly spaced dash? A comma is now two taps (one for the comma and another for the space)? Really- - - - - ugh!

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    hi david1pro,

    Just to verify: when you use the comma gesture (comma to the space bar) it inputs a "- " instead of ", ". Is that correct?

    If that is the case, this is a bug! Every time I swype from the comma to the space bar, I get a ", " as I used to in older versions. Are you seeing this behavior everywhere, or only in certain apps/ text fields?

    Please give us your device info so we can look into what's going on, what is your:

    Android version (found in Settings > About phone > Android version)


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    Once upon a time,

    Space - comma - space

    Between two words would insert punctuation like:

    This - that

    Now it does the following instead:

    This , that

    If you guys are planning to fix the whole comma and dash thing, using the 3.26 methods would be great.

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    I just started seeing this in, which I believe was updated a few days ago. If I swype from the comma to the space bar after typing a word, a dash is inserted instead of the comma.

    I'm seeing this on my Nexus 7 (1st Gen) with Android 4.3 (JWR66X).

    I have the same version of Swype on my Galaxy Nexus (with Android 4.3 JWR66X) and I do not see the problem there.

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    This was resolved for me with the upgrade to

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    I am also getting this behaviour on my nexus 10 with Swype version

    If when I use the comma gesture (comma to the space bar) it inputs a "- " instead of ", ".

    It previously worked as it should but hasn't for around a month.

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    I am confused - can I Swype for a dash or not? and I would very much appreciate a gesture for the dash, or an option to have "comma, space, comma" output " - ".


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