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Thread: Add automatic text replacement/expansion

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    Aug 2011
    at first found Swype thoroughly inaccurate until adding Ultra Keyboard and Shapewriter into the mix.

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    Aug 2011
    YES!! I registered on this forum specifically to put in a request for this feature. I'm coming from slideit as well, and it's "Shortcut" feature is one of the biggest things that I like/used slideit for, over swype.

    PLEASE add that feature into swype a well.

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    Shortcuts for long or complicated words (stored in user dictionary)

    The User Dictionary is a great addition (3.25), however long words can still be quite a pain. Especially things like email addresses or websites.
    E.g. my email address is not particularly long (I have added it to my dictionary, yet it still takes about 23 characters to Swype, and this makes it tougher for me/Swype to get right.

    If I don't Swype it just right, or miss 1 or 2 characters, I have to start all over again.

    This could be also useful for long technical words - or even a phrase you use often.
    One way to implement it is to have a tagged list of 'special' words/ phrases in the dictionary than can be accessed by swype from the Swype key to the letter s (for shortcut).

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    May 2011
    I think this would be awesome...I saw it on a similar app...

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    Aug 2011
    I'd absolutely love it if we could customise long strings e.g. if I Swype "myaddress" it enters 4/123 Fake Street Fakesville 90210.

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    Good point poebae - street address is another good example.

    Having a 'keyword' as a shortcut is another good method.

    In typing environments (sms, email etc) where correct spelling has become VERY optional, and shorthand is rife, what has been overlooked is that there are many occasions when the precise spelling or 'longhand' is essential.
    Swype is an excellent tool for simple text, and it has a comprehensive dictionary including technical words. However...one of it's features is also a negative - one doesn't need to be very accurate for general typing - Swype has the smarts to handle that. But the longer the word the more likely that an inaccurate swype will overcome these smarts.

    BTW - There was a post asking for this back on Dec 30 2010 by robertmarkbram - although it received no replies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poebae View Post
    I'd absolutely love it if we could customise long strings e.g. if I Swype "myaddress" it enters 4/123 Fake Street Fakesville 90210.
    nice idea....i would like to have this kind of feature as well...

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    I see I haven't posted on here yet either. Just to say this something I have been constantly advocating for internally myself. Hopefully we'll be able to add it soon enough.
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    Please note, I will not respond to direct emails and messages for support until I'm able to attend to EVERY post in the forums. Please be patient. Thank you :-)

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    Another vote for this feature. I find Swyoe excellent and intuitive. Text expansion would round things off very nicely

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    Swyping autotexts (predefined phrases)

    Is it possible to add a phrase, a long word, or a strange word to user dictionary?
    E.g: Instead of swyping all "United state of America", one can swype only usaf (f for full), or "congr" for "congratulation", or "VNf" for "Việt Nam".
    To add these to dictionary, the user is presented a box to enter (by swyping/typing/copying) the expected result ("United state of America" in the example), and then swypes his chosen input on the keyboard ("usaf" in the example).


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