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Thread: Add automatic text replacement/expansion

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    Add automatic text replacement/expansion

    This is the one feature I still sorely miss from BlackBerry. It's a user-defined dictionary that will replace a text entry with another specified one, like "btw" becoming "by the way." There is a setting for Smart Case (lower case text yields lower case result and upper yields upper) and Specified Case (any entry yields the result exactly as defined, eg "mon" yields "Monday.") I haven't had to type the days of the week or the word "tomorrow" in years! This becomes a huge time saver and would likely revolutionize text entry as much as Swype already did on its own. Please, please, PLEASE consider adding this.


    This feature is on our radar as a possible feature for future versions of Swype, but is not at the top of our list at the moment. Please add your thoughts and share your opinion on the feature here!

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    I agree. I had auto text set up for everything on my bb and used them all the time. It has made getting used to this that much worse

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    That's a pretty good idea! Once you get swyping down you can lay down text pretty fast, imagine if you didn't even have to swype whole words! You'll be swyping faster than the Micro Machines guy talks!

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    This has been brought up a few times before. Personally I'd love to see the ability to alias something like qzvzq to your user ID so you don't even have to use acronyms. It will get there eventually; however I must say that it's not very high on our priority list right now.
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    Ironically one of Swype's main competitors already has acronym support. I won't say who it is but it's not the hardest to figure out either

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    Text Expansion

    On Blackberries, for instance, you can program the phone such that if you type "mtg" it automatically replaces it with "meeting." I love this feature, and sorely miss it on the Android. My understanding is that because apps aren't allowed to listen to what's being input into other apps, the only way to achieve this functionality is to have it built DIRECTLY into the keyboard.

    There are a couple of keyboards in the marketplace that offer this text expansion function now, but none of them are swype, which I can't do without. So the only way I get text expansion I guess is if Swype decides to include it in their keyboard.

    What do you say, guys?

    PS- I would only have it active when the shortcut is tapped out, to avoid accidental expansions...

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    That's a SlideIT thing, not a Swype one. Although I think it's a valid point regardless.

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    I played with SlideIT this weekend and it integrates this function in a VERY elegant way. The swyping, however, was completely inaccurate!

    I would STRONGLY request for a feature like this to be included in Swype. It would be a HUGE timesaver!!!

    What I especially loved about the way SlideIT did it was that when you enter the abbreviation for the expansion, the word suggestion line offers back the abbreviation in a different color and underlined, letting you know that when you click it, SlideIT will enter the full text that you've set up that abbreviation to represent. Great, great idea.

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    I came from SlideIt to Swype and at first found Swype thoroughly inaccurate until adding Ultra Keyboard and Shapewriter into the mix. At that point I found they are all of their own "personality" and require acclimation. I use Ultra on my phone 99% of the time and it is most accurate using a more linear slide whereas Swype works best for me on full error tolerance and a more rounded slide. SlideIt seems to be a combo of both rounded and linear and Shapewriter leans more toward a round slide

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    Another vote for text expansion (or shortcuts from Palm OS days, or even aliases). Being able to define shortcuts as in Palm OS would be very helpful .

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