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Thread: Computer Version?

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    Computer Version?

    Since you can get a touchpad for all computers now (and most computers come with them now) as well as the fact that a lot of computers have started coming with touchscreens, have you thought about making a swype keyboard app for use on Mac & Windows machines. I would LOVE if I could have a floating keyboard that I could control from my touchpad. That would be incredible!

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    TouchPal has made a free keyboard available online! I've only tested it on a super slow Atom processor, but it looked promising during the short beta test I conducted at the local mall while no sales representatives were looking.

    It's available for Windows 8 PC's, I'm not sure about Windows 7 support if that matters to you. I'd recommend a look online for that.

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    I just discovered Swype and would really love to be able to use something like this on my laptop with Microsoft Word. I joined this forum so I could post about that. Windows 7 already has a floating onscreen keyboard (get to it through the Ease of Access Center) that would be quite adequate for swiping on via the touch pad. I'd really love to be able to do that in Word, complete with the prediction and correction engine.

    I love it how Swype is so forgiving of sloppy swiping, which is the equivalent of typos. But in this case they're swypos.

    A Windows version! Please!!

    Does Windows 8 already have that? If not, I can't imagine it won't eventually. It's such an obvious thing. Surprised to see so little discussion of it (or have I not looked hard enough?
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    Waiting for the touchsreen's coming. Great imagine

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    Also... TouchPal. Nobody here has tried that yet?

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