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Thread: Check this for a poor imitation

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    Check this for a poor imitation


    It has nicked the swype name too :-)

    Look at the reviews lol, and you need to type into a clipboard then copy and paste your text into your app. Nice. How about adding that feature please?

    This isn't fair. iOS has all the best apps :-(

    Yes I know, the thread was from November. Still found it funny though. And it's still for sale in iTunes using swype for a name, surprised is not been taken down.
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    I found a new one. Watch the video for a laugh

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    This app is in no way related to Nuance or Swype. Currently, iOS does not support Swype in any shape or form.

    On a different note, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

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    This is App Store, a store that pulls apps for offending their political, religious, and moral views, or for making too much profit (see the I Am Rich app debacle where Apple forgot to give its developer thousands).

    I'm kinda shocked they wouldn't take down a trademark violation of Swype. They must think nobody wants to touch them in court or something silly like that.

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    I just downloaded this Swype (I thought it was the genuine one, till I saw this forum). It's, however, the one that supports iOS, so I can "swype" on my iPad 2.

    I found it have many failures to recognize some frequently used words such as: straightforward, building, people... to name but a few.

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