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Thread: Freezing, Lagging, On Galaxy S3- Swype version 1.3.2

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    Angry Freezing, Lagging, On Galaxy S3- Swype version 1.3.2


    It seems recently I've been having major issues with Swype. It didn't start off this way and there were no major update on my phone or my Swype to cause the issues.

    Like others, my Swype keyboard lags before it pops up. If it decides to show up, it freezes in mid-swype or stops working all together after swyping in a few words. It then freezes and will not remove the keyboard from my phone unless I restart my phone. I've tried stopping the app, stopping the program I'm using Swype and each time the keyboard still remains on my phone.

    Swype version
    Cellphone provider- US Cellular
    Phone type- Samsung Galaxy S3

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    Hello jessicorn,

    We have made some improvements to overall performance in the latest versions of the Swype Beta that you will likely benefit from. The latest version is available at our website here: http://beta.swype.com/ . I recommend you try it and see if it resolves your issue.

    Otherwise, you can follow-up with US Cellular for further support regarding a pre-installed version of Swype.

    Of course, if you have any other questions we will attempt to help you with what we can.


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    Talking I know your pain- POSSIBLE SOLUTION?!?

    I have the galaxy s3 (android version 4.1.1 with jelly bean and on Verizon... I have Swype version though. I noticed this is not the version you have) and was having the same problems. Swype would either freeze or never open our never close once I got it open. Restarting my phone used to help, but then it got to the point where I was convinced I'd never get to use the beloved Swype keyboard that I love so much more than the Samsung keyboard.

    I recently got it to work, and (fingers crossed) I hope this fixes it permanently. It was broken for months but now it's worked fine for the past few days. Here's how I did it. There may be another way to do this, but this is how I did it. The first step is the hardest one considering the issue.

    1. Act like you're typing a text message. When you see the keyboard show up in the very top notification bar, drag it down and click on "Choose input method". Now you have to change it to Swype... Good luck.
    2. Once you have Swype as your input method, do the same thing I said in step 1 only instead of clicking on "Choose input method", hold it down until you see a little box pop up that says "App info". Click on it.
    3. Since Swype is programmed into the android system and not actually an app, clicking on the box will take you to the app info screen for the "Android System". At this point I was desperate, so I clicked on "Force stop". It warned me that this might cause my phone to act funny, but I did it anyway. After restarting my phone, everything works fine, including Swype.

    I hope this works for you! I know it's frustrating living without Swype. I'm not exactly sure what the differences are between your Swype version and mine. If yours isn't programmed into the android system like mine then I don't think this would be a valid solution. I will see what other threads I can post this in. Maybe it will help someone if not you
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    I think I solved the lag problem. Go into the settings for Swype and select Swype Connect. If Backup & Sync is not grayed out then uncheck it. If it is grayed out, then click on the Register option and register and create your account. Once your account is created disable the Backup & Sync, Contribute usage data, and Cellular Data options. Once I was able to uncheck all three the keyboard lag completely disappeared. Hope this helps.

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