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Thread: How do you add to the dictionary - instructions don't work

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    Angry How do you add to the dictionary - instructions don't work

    Anyone having problems adding to the swype dictionary? I'm going through the proper steps to add and it looks like it adds but, when I go to swype the word again, I end up back at square one. Also, back when I was able to add, those words are gone, my dictionary has been wiped out. It's really fustrating to have to peck at the keyboard to get necessary words typed in correctly. I'm about to take Swype off my Galaxy S3, which is too bad because it's always been a product i loved.

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    Hi galaxyuser,

    What Swype Beta version do you have? You can check in Settings > Preferences > About (At the very bottom)

    Just in case there is a difference, are these the steps you are following?:

    1. Tap your desired word out
    2. Press the Swype key to highlight your word
    3. Press the Swype key again
    4. Select "Add 'word' to dictionary" prompt
    5. Your custom word should now be in your dictionary!


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    Steps 1-3 work for me... but step 4 never happens. I am using a galaxy 4 with the latest beta version.

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    Upgrade to v1.4.0.11523 - it should fix this problem.

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    Words are not being added to my personal dictionary either. (Galaxy S3 on t-mobile)

    I installed the Beta and the personal dictionary was working fine.

    I've installed several apps since then, and now no new words are being added to my dictionary and now it's blank.

    I have/had

    When I tried to update it told me I had to enter the PIN again... and I needed to turn on Cellular Data and I needed to turn on WiFi.... so eventually, I resent it and entered it.

    Now, I'm stuck on the screen that says "Downloading Update..." and it's been about 5 minutes.

    Do I need to uninstall and reinstall?

    EDIT: It finally finished downloading, I guess.

    I was able to install, and it now saves to the dictionary again.


    It doesn't save certain words/strings of characters though. Maybe I need to put this in a 'Feature Request" section, but it would be great to be able to save email addresses (which might include numbers. Currently it does not save "dankelly123@gmail.com"; it doesn't even save "dankelly123".)

    Thanks for the GREAT keyboard and adding back the voice functionality!!

    And the copy and paste.... OMG!! that's awesome!!!
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    You just keep hitting the Swype key until it offers.

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    I can't get Swype to save www never mind a full web address or various random email addresses, mad

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    Thanks, primetech!

    So, it seems to allow groups of characters that are numbers and letters, but not "special characters" like @ or . - two things needed for an email address.

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    This has been a major frustration for me too

    Why I can't 'simply' manually add words, email addresses and web addresses to the dictionary from within Settings --> Personalisation --> Edit Dictionary, I'll never understand. "Edit dictionary", is very misleading, when you can't actually 'EDIT' the dictionary entries, or add to them from that screen. Only being able to select and delete entries is a little half baked, in my opinion; especially when I'm sure I used to be able to add items manually. It's counter intuitive. Also, the Android dictionary underlines words, and I add those words to that, but I always thought the words were added to the Swype dictionary, and I became frustrated when I couldn't see the words in there.

    Anyway. I've updated to v1.4, and after spending a few hours watching videos about Swype that didn't really offer much instruction, I came here and found this thread that made a few things click in my head.

    Using the edit keyboard - swyping from the 'Swype' key to the '+!=' key, you can select an entire email address, then tap the Swype key until it offers you the option of adding to the dictionary. When it does, tap the Swype key again and your email address would have been added to the Swype dictionary.

    Swear words and expletives have to be added via taping the Swype key multiple times too, as they are not automatically added like their non-offensive counterparts are. Kind of annoying really.

    I love the Swype keyboard, but I do wish there was more documentation readily available on the dictionary feature that explained all its idiosyncratic ways.

    And Please... if the Swype team are reading this... Please allow us to manually populate the Swype dictionary from within the dictionary screen. It is so much easier that way.


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    I noticed you can't save email addresses or anything with special characters. And Swype refuses to save any swear words whatsoever, ever since it updated to 1.3-ish. Well, previous to 1.4, anyway.
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