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Thread: .com is not a comma.

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    .com is not a comma.

    I get this problem quite infrequently, but in the last 3 weeks it's probably come up about 10 times.

    I can't make commas by swyping from comma to spacebar, it fills in .com instead, even though it's not in a URL field or anything.

    (When it happens it happens across apps, but it most often happens in my SMS or in Skype)

    I don't know if this is common or not, I searched your forum for .com and found nothing.

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    This is a known issue (though it has been around for a few versions now - what's up Nuance?)

    To "fix" it, change to another keyboard, then back again. It appears something in Swype breaks temporarily and thinks it's in a URL field even when it's not. It probably only happens after you have used a URL field, or used the .com button in a URL field.

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