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Thread: Add Emoji support

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    Lightbulb Add emoji emoticons

    It would be nice to have Emoticons as language(s). That way you could have a lot of icons just like other keyboards have eg. Go keyboard. This is the only thing I miss from before Switching to Swype.

    Thanks for a great keyboard!

    Edit: Something like the GO Keyboard Emoji plugin is what I am looking for.
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    Just want to resurrect this thread slightly to add my request. Bought Swype on the Play store when I got a new phone that didn't have Swype installed, and now I have my first Jelly Bean device that can support native Android Emoji and would love to have it available without another keyboard. Right now I have a keyboard installed called Multiling that lets me insert the native Jelly Bean ones, but switching keyboards is kind of a pain.

    BTW, switching keyboards is easier than playing the Android guessing game for emoji as word suggestions, too. Would definitely be easier if they were on a keyboard where long-pressing a key showed everything in a category. The idea of long-pressing isn't too foreign to anybody who uses a touch device, and it's way better than trying to figure out which words allow icon substitutions.

    I was just surprised that the messaging app on my HTC One started showing icons from my wife's iPhone. I had been using Handcent and its plugin but forgot to install it on the One. Glad I waited to find out.
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    Want this feature. Another language, or a replacement of :-) button, to emoji-collection of smiles, because that tiny collection of symbol smiles isn't enough.

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    I've been a long time user of Swype and hate the fact that every time I want to use an emoji I have to switch my keyboard just to add the emoji and then switch back to Swype. Would love it if you guys added some actual emojis in the keyboard (not just the smileys we have now).

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    This seems to have been a long time request. I found this forum after following a post from last year requesting the same thing. It's something I would be interested in as well.
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    Totally agree... Any info? Add On?

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    guys, i think i have an immediate solution to the lack of emoji in swype. writing messages consists of 2 parts, the keyboard, and the messenger app. swype does not have built in emoji, however if you use a messenger app like Textra, it does have complete unicode emoji support. Textra is a super lightweight messenger, normally my swype + stock messenger lags when loading even on my s4, but textra is realllllly lightweight, and swype doesnt lag when loading.

    unlike Go, or other super heavyweight cluttered messengers, that have emoji that ONLY work if the other person also has Go, Textra uses unicode emoji, so anybody on any messenger, on any phone, android, iphone, blackberry, can see them. and it has like.. alllll of them lol. theres emoji for so many things i had no idea.. even like dragons yo!

    anyways, id suggest trying it

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    Me too
    Galaxy Note 1 GN7000
    Android 4.1.2
    swype 1.5.15 (Play Store)
    ex (Beta)

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