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Thread: Add Emoji support

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    I went back to Google keyboard. Has built-in emoji support.

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    Just came back from swiftkey and the first thing I'm missing are this really that hard to implement?

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    It is supported. Press hold the return key and you will see the emoji option.

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    Some emojis are disappearing from the keyboard (i.e. the red heart - I can't see it in the emoji keyboard anymore) and some words don't suggest the emojis (the word 'ghost' used to insert a ghost emoji, it does not anymore). There are also no country flags in the keyboard. Could you please add full emoji support?
    The other useful feature would be vertical scrolling through the emojis in one category, while horizontal scrolling would switch between the categories. It would be easier and faster to find.

    I'm using the Polish keyboard language (if it matters).

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