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Thread: Swype for Windows 8?

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    Swype for Windows 8?


    Is Swype ever going to be updated or developed for windows 8? I don't hear or can't find any information on this.

    I had Swype on my samsung series seven slate and it worked great. Windows 8 is now out and I updated to it.

    Can anyone from Swype please respond and let us know your plans for getting Swype updated for Windows 8?


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    I would also like to see Swype for Windows 8. This is the biggest thing that I miss from having an Android phone.

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    It mostly works on windows 8 - up until the point it just stops responding.
    Samsung series 7 slate with windows 7 and Swype pre installed, upgraded to windows 8 pro.
    Post upgrade the new microsoft touch keyboard (which is unfriendly in design - being polite) never pops up at text input fields.
    Tried the existing swype but it would not pop up either. Disabled the touch toolbar and uninstalled and reinstalled swype for windows 7
    which now asks to be the default keyboard - said yes and now it pops up automatically for text fields again.
    Problem is that it just freezes after a number of key presses/seconds (sometimes 1 key, other times 20 odd keys or more).
    I would love to have a working touch keyboard and the swype one would be my choice by a country mile!

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    Windows 8

    I look forward in great anticipation for the Swype for Windows version!

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    Writing with the digitizer pen is a blast but... not as quick and precise as with Swype.
    Every touch screen keyboard should have it!

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    my android phone is more productive than win8 slate pc when not using physicalkeyboad

    my productivity is currently better on my android phone than my windows slate pc when i dont have a keyboard attached!!!

    its nearly unusable without swype!!! come on guys!!! someone please make it happen sooon!!!

    ID PAY FOR IT!!! just please please release a beta or alpha or SOMETHING!!!

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    Hi Everyone,

    We'd LOVE to be on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8... and basically any other platform out there where a touch screen is involved!

    Having said that, this really isn't our call: similar to iOS, Windows Phone 8 has no support in its input method framework for third-party keyboards. And as far as Windows 8 for tablets/PCs, it's a very similar story. We do have a few pre-install versions of Swype for Windows 7, but perhaps you can contact Microsoft and tell them you'd like to see more support for third-party keyboards in future versions of Windows!

    Regardless, we really appreciate the enthusiasm, and I can tell you we're just as interested!

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    I also have a Windows 8 (pro) tablet that would benefit from Swype. Hopefully Microsoft changes this because the stock keyboard isn't the best.

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    +1: Add a vote for Swype on Windows Phones. Just got a Nokia Lumia 822 Windows 8.0 phone. Neat phone so far, but I really, really miss Swype! I hope you can show posts like this to Microsoft to encourage them to open up those keyboard APIs! Swype isn't just a feature, it is a transformative technology for the usability of touch screen devices! But then you know that. (Can I get it for my iPad, too!?)

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    I don't mean to be nitpicking but there seems to be a Touchpal-version (alternative for swype) in the works for Windows 8.
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