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Thread: swype on galaxy note 2, can't find settings?

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    swype on galaxy note 2, can't find settings?


    i noticed on my samsung galaxy note 2, that samsung somehow has incorporated swype features into their own keyboard.
    i dont really know if this is swype technology, or if samsung just made something on their own.
    however, i tried the swype beta, because i wanted more settings to play around with.

    i disabled auto caps on frontletters, but when i type with swype several words get capitalized anway.
    how do i get rid of the cap letters? i only want to write in plain, small letters without any capital letters.

    the thread's title is a bit misleading, im merely looking for a way to disable all capital letters in swype beta, if this is possible

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    Swype is not pre-installed on the note 2.
    what you're using is probably the standard Samsung keyboard, which also happens to have the ability to recognise Swype style input once enabled in the settings for Samsung keyboard.

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    yeah, i just checked. seems as if this is a samsung feature, not swype. but still, im curious as to how i could disable all capital letters in swype.
    i disabled automatic capital first letter, but its still alot of words that get capitalized, i dont know why

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    the dictionary overrides your capitalization settings.
    I already requested an option to force lower case even from dictionary in feature requests, but nobody is responding to the thread.

    for now the only way is to delete all capitalized words from your dictionary.

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    It's funny that the Galaxy Note 2 keyboard isn't make by Swype (Android Central thinks it's SwiftKey), but that Swype has the Note 2 on their homepage #fail

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    My Note 2 had Swype pre-installed on it.

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    Hope the dicemaster's advise helped nigen86 get their op resolved. Did it?

    Funny how different models of phones, from different carriers, or even the same carrier, have different keyboards pre-loaded on them, even though they're running on the same OS– but maybe just one build version away. :-/

    My Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket had four keyboards pre-loaded, Swype (not BETA) being one of them. I was just getting used to the Swype, after 10 days of using it, when I decided to swap it out for a GS3 . . which to my disappointment, came with only two keyboards, the samsung T9 and the google voice. :-/

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