View Full Version : Remove "More Languages" from language selection menu

03-15-2016, 5:54 AM
Dear Swype team,

Could you please remove "More Languages" option for the language selection menu (the one which appears when you hold the space bar)? It seems to me, an average user doesn't need to change the list of languages too often (mostly it's only configured just once). It can be one more option in the settings screen, but not something which needs to be quickly available.

So, while the user usually doesn't need to configure languages list too often, it's very easy to accidentally tap this option when you simply switch the language (which is done quite often).

This is quite annoying. I believe, the language switching menu is not the best place for language settings. Both from logical and practical prospectives


03-16-2016, 3:03 PM
Hello Darkmind,

You make a fair point, for some users, it may not always be helpful to have that option available in the space bar. However, we have found that this increases the likelihood that a user can find the language settings if they need to. We'll keep your feedback in mind as we make updates to Swype.

Thanks for your feedback!

05-17-2016, 2:46 AM
I see your point. However, from my point of view, there can be other ways found to teach an user where to locate the languages settings. For example, it can be done by a short presentation when the keyboard is first opened. Many apps do it like this. Interface is darkened a bit and yellow/white/any_other_color arrows show and highlight where to tap in order to accomplish certain goal.

UI must be consistent and well organized in first place. Having buttons where they're not expeceted/supposed to be, and where you can accidentially tap and trigger an action which you don't expect, doesn't provide consistency to the UI.

From my prospective even a short non-clickable label like "You can configure languages in the settings screen" would be much better than current solution:
1) noone will accidentally click wrong button trying to switch the language
2) the label looks relevant to the action the user performs
3) users are aware that the languages can be configured and where to look up