View Full Version : Gluing words together (Dutch, German, etc.)

11-02-2015, 2:36 PM

In many languages, like Dutch and German, one often needs to glue words (verbs, nouns) together. Since one can make countless combinations of words, a spell checker should probably use an algorithm to check the seperate words. I notice that SWYPE doesn't know/accept many of these word combinations, and since the combinations are often made on-the-fly, there is no sense saving such combinations in one's personal dictionary. (woordcombinatietoevoegingszinloosheid)

So my request is: A way to glue the two previously typed words together, and have the checker accept the combination for that line ('trusting' the typist), even if the first of the two words already is a word combination.
As it is, when I want to make a combination, I need to type the words, then set the cursor after the space, delete the space, then go back to the end of the sentence. A leftward slide on the space after the second word would be better, for instance.

Otherwise I greatly enjoy SWYPE!


11-02-2015, 2:40 PM
On Android you swype from space to backspace to not autospace for one word. That's how I glue words together.

Swyped from my Verizon LG G2 using Tapatalk 4.5.2.