View Full Version : Please add Android features: displaying long tap symbols & changing langs by gesture

Sergey Grigorchuk
06-19-2015, 2:28 PM
I've been happy paid android user of your keyboard, and bought your program without second thought when I switched to iOS.
iOS version is worse in a lot of ways:
- there is no gesture for switching languages, which is far more convenient and faster than holding space key
- Long tap symbols is not shown on buttons, what makes long tap itself almost useless

Let me explain to you first issue in detail:
when you are not living in english speaking country, you ALWAYS have to use two keyboards. Especially, if you native language is not latin based.a
For example: you have to switch to english every time for enter URL, and you switch back to native for conversation.
You use both in email: typing email address is always in english, message is in native or, what is more likely, both.
It means changing languages must be very fast to be not annoying. Gesture(swipe from Swype button to space) was very useful on Android.

You still have the best prediction, though. Too bad, that laking much more simpler features like i've mention above is preventing you from gaining more users.

Best Regards,

Sergey Grigorchuk
07-03-2015, 4:46 AM
You can actually make first non-apple keyboard on iOS that just works, just like you did on Android.

08-01-2015, 6:30 PM
I agree, the long tap to change the language is currently working way too slow. The gesture, like the one used on Android, from Swype button to space, would mean a world of difference.