View Full Version : Using an external Logitech keyboard. Not disappearing of swype from screen

04-01-2015, 12:57 AM
Hello to all, nice to be part of this forum.
I try to explain my request as in the title there wasn't enough space for all.
Let's try.
I use an external Logitech keyboard, K810, which allows me to type or on the iphone/ipad or pc just pressing the button. So far all fine. I disabled all defualt keyboards and use only Swype. The fact is that when typing with the external keyboard on iphone, swype doesn't disappear, instead the default one was disappearing. The Logitech keyboard has a dedicated button.
My request is to be possible to have swype to hide while using the Logitech one.

Second is more complicate to explain.
With swype I use 4 languages, Italian, English, German and Hungarian. The Logitech keyboard has an Italian layout. But when I type on the iphone using the external one, the letters appearing on the iphone follows a qwerty English layout. Italian qwerty layout is slightly different, having some symbols and letters in a different position, plus some letters which don't exist in English.
When default keyboards are activated, under phone settings/general/keyboard appears a new menu: hardware keyboard and from there I can choose the layout of the keyboard. Which is italian being Italian the language set on the iphone.
When default keyboards are disabled this menu doesn't show any language. And for this reason, typing some letters, they don't correspond to the layout. I think this is due because of the native language of the swype keybord.
So, if iOs8 allows, will it be possible to add this feature in order to allow to use external keyboard with different layout? Such has, as mentioned, qwerty keyboards for different languages, or also qwertz keyboards etc.

I hope to not have caused you a headache reading all this Lol

Have a great day to all and thank you!