View Full Version : Add Catalan language - already existing dictionary!

01-15-2015, 4:50 AM
I used Swype on Android. Now I have an iPhone beacuse of company policies, etc. Why is it SO difficult to implement the Catalan language, WHICH ALREADY EXISTS in the Android version into the iOS-version? I assume, the biggest amount of work (creating the dictionary) is already done!

For those who perhaps dont't know it and are interested, Catalans are billingual (Catalan AND Spanish) and we switch between both languages constantly when talking to different people. "Constantly" means 1000 times a day! Now, I have to swith to the stock iOS-Keyboard every time I have to write in Catalan! It's very annoying!

The Android-version had also the feature of combining 2 languages at the same time, wich was THE perfect solutuion for us! Is it also possible to integrate this feature into the iOS-version?

Thank you very much in advance!