View Full Version : Decreasing accuracy and all caps?

02-24-2011, 10:04 AM
every so often I go to start a new text and for no apparent reason caps lock is enabled.. anyone else have this error? know of a fix?

In other news I use swype quite a bit. The captivate being my first touch screen phone I started on swype and loved it.. i then switched to 2.3 gingerbreak keyboard and find it fun as well.

The problem I have is when I start making errors on either keyboard. Some days I swear swype has a mind of its on.. others I am out typing my friends who have had smart phones for years.

The problem I have is I feel like the longer I use swype the more inaccurate it gets.. there are a lot of little nuances that trip me up that I can't delete.

On the flip side the editing is a lot more flexible then gingerbread.. long hold to get rid of a word.. put the pointed inside a word to edit ect ect ect.

I really like both keyboards.. but, its really hard to pick one keyboard and stick to it..

Does anyone else have any problems with the accuracy? even trying the tips I get some wierd results.. and I feel like certain words in the dictionary are just.. well.. overkill. lke I don't know why but, "mm." is in the dictionary. I can understand "and" or "can" but, seriously? is "mm." required for all of us to have by default? thats something it would take 10 seconds to enter in manually if you really use "mm." that much in the first place..

I really like swype.. but, It can really get awkward..

04-06-2011, 12:18 PM
I know this thread is a little old, but yes. The more I use Swype, the worse it gets. It makes more and more mistakes and just can't get certain words. I can't get it to spell the, I always get thee. I can't get last, only katy and lsat. There are a few others that elude me at the moment, but ever since I went to Froyo on Captivate it gets worse and worse. I'm almost ready to go back to the Android keyboard. I'm hoping they release a new version soon that works a little better (I already have the new Swype Beta, and while it's better than what came on my phone, it's still wildly innaccurate).