View Full Version : This screen size is not supported... HTC Fuze 480x640

02-15-2011, 7:39 PM
Hi: I LOVE SWYPE!!! I use it in Windows Mobile 6.5 on my HTC FUZE. I just installed Froyo 2.2.1 on my Fuze and installed SWYPE Beta. I get through the whole installation process and then I get an error message saying: This screen size is not supported. I'm very surprised that a 480x640 screen isn't supported in Android when it works fine in WM 6.5. Any help would be appreciated.



02-16-2011, 9:42 AM
480x640 is not supported in the BETA. We are able to build customized versions for preload devices, but do not have a 480x640 reference build available. Sorry :(

02-16-2011, 4:03 PM
That is terrible news!!! :) I have terrible RSI from using a keyboard, mouse, PDA...and swype is something that is so easy on the hands and so fast.... It is the BEST solution I've seen for getting stuff into smartphones. I cannot use a hard keyboard on a smartphone and I find onscreen keyboards almost impossible to use because of my large fingers/thumbs. Using a stylus is my only alternative but tapping is painful.

I'd been using a Palm since the mid-90s and just switched to the darkside - Windows Mobile 6.5. I really dislike Windows so decided to try Android - which seems really good so far. However, I literally think I'm going to have to go back to Windows Mobile just so I can use swype!!! (Can't afford to buy an Android phone with swype on it at present.)

I tried SlideIT for the Android - and although it's a similar in "concept" to swype, it is simply a hugely inferior product. It doesn't "guess" what you're trying to do. You have to be super precise on it.... Just doesn't cut it.

Anyhow, I guess I'm out of luck with swype when I boot to Android on my HTC Fuze so will have to stick with Windows Mobile.

Thanks again for the incredible product!!!