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02-11-2011, 2:26 PM
Hi, I signed up here today to convey a few things to Swype users/devs and anyone who likes to criticize Swype.

First off.. you don't even have a subforum in "swype preloaded" for my Huawei Ascend M860 from Cricket. Do you even know all of the phones your **** app is coming loaded on? (Guess not). I feel horrible for anyone who bought this phone or others and is not wise enough to go to a better tracing keyboard.

Anyway. Swype runs on this phone like a 20th century computer trying to view a 1080p video. Not very ****ing fast at all if you didn't get the simile. I can type a few sentences with swype and watch in agony as the blue tracer struggles to swype through all the words I had swyped 10 seconds ago. It's a 600mHz phone, nothing spectacular, but slideIT, Shapewriter, and Ultra Keyboard all run flawlessly with no hangups at any time whatsoever. Determine the minimum specifications for your app to run before putting it on just any phone. My MacBook laptop didn't come preloaded with Metro 2033 because it would take 4 of my laptops to run it. Minus 1 for Swype.

The "hidden word" box? So, you're going to have the program tell me, over and over (and over and over) again that the word "to" has been hidden by the word "tup", the word "next" by the word "eioghrsiopughrai;g", and etcetera? Is it a ****ing joke? And to not give me an on-the-spot method to delete it, or even to turn off the notification window forever (or at least for that word)? What are the devs spending their time on, anyway? If you don't have a good enough team of programmers then put your app on the market for a reasonable price (two cents or less) and then you can start paying good developers to work on your program, and they can just make updates to the one you put on the market. Minus 1 for Swype.

The interface.. my grandmother would think that's ugly and she makes sweaters that burn holes through your eyes. UltraKeyboard allows the user to completely redesign the keyboard's appearance easily, right from the settings. Even two layout choices would be an improvement, guys.. minus 1.

No dictionary access? Lol. Minus one.

Lastly.. Swype learns new words just by typing them out and hitting space.. so if I ever accidentally tap out the wrong spelling (which is easy since Swype has no accuracy calibration setting like other programs. See: Ultra Keyboard), I have to Swype out that misspelling to delete it from your dictionary! lol! So ****ing pointless.

Someone shut this **** down, Ultrakeyboard, Shapewriter, SlideIT, and more are all extremely superior choices to this garbage.

02-11-2011, 4:24 PM
That was the side of me that is very frustrated with Swype's performance. The other part of me knows that swype is still the leading application for the design but these bugs are not letting that prove true! You guys do have an incredibly accurate dictionary and a great team but with these bugs in the way it just makes the app garbage.. keep working at it.

02-11-2011, 6:14 PM
It's okay. Because I feel the same with the hidden word notification thingy. I have too many names in phonebook. and swyping "to" pops up hidden word notifying "to" vs "yip" many many other words. My phonebook is intruding my typing!

Right now I'm using gingerbread keyboard. forget about swype. I think gingerbread is faster. There's auto word correction as well.

02-15-2011, 10:58 AM
Hi hiphopharry,

First of all, I want to thank you for your apology. We all get hot-headed at times, but it takes a certain level of honor and dignity to recognize that and make amends for it. It's particularly helpful on forums like these, because it makes it a lot easier to identify the people who have a genuine gripe about our product, and are simply frustrated to the point of anger, as opposed to the folks who just like to troll. So thank you :)

Let me begin by addressing the Swype PreLoad forums: This is my fault, completely. I will be the first one to admit that the Swype PreLoad subforums are in desperate need of updating. I haven't added any new subforums to the PreLoad section in several months, and we've had LOTS of new devices launch since then. There's no excuse that's sufficient, but here at least is an explanation of how things got this way: We've been very busy improving our internal processes, and as a result, some of our user-facing experience has suffered. We're spending a lot of time improving how we collect and collate information. At this time, we actually don't have a concrete internal document detailing all of the devices we ship on. All of that information is kept in work orders and build management systems. I'm working right now on an internal database that will bring together all of the disparate information we have about builds, languages, devices, etc. Once I've compiled all that information I'll be parsing it into a form that's acceptable for public consumption, and that will include updating the PreLoad forums to include all of the latest devices.

As for your device performance issues, I can't speak specifically to the Ascend M860, but I can tell you this much: Swype is, without question, far more resource intensive than any of our competitors. We admit this freely. It is, in fact, the very reason why our prediction accuracy is so much better. In truth, it's a testament to the skill of our developers that Swype even works on some of the devices it does. That said, decisions regarding usability of Swype on a particular device ultimately rest in the hand so the device manufacturer. Sometimes we don't even receive the final system software revision - with all the other apps and services - until we've already submitted a final build of Swype for inclusion on the device. We do our best to optimize Swype for each device to ensure a great experience, but in the end its up to the manufacturer to decide what level of performance is acceptable on a given piece of hardware. Again, I can't speak specifically to the M860 as I've never used one myself, but I know that Swype runs quite well on many older and low-end devices, such as the myTouch3G (HTC Sapphire), T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream), and others. If you haven't already, try adjusting the "speed vs accuracy" slider in Swype's options to see if you can improve performance a bit. If that doesn't help, I'd be happy to do some direct troubleshooting to see if we can determine where your bottleneck is occurring.

With regards to the "hidden word" box: You're not the first one to be frustrated by this. In fact, we've received so many complaints regarding it that we've decided to scrap the window entirely and approach the problem from another direction. Starting with some of our latest internal builds, the "hidden word" dialog has been completely removed from Swype. You won't see this change in production versions quite yet, but it will be coming to the beta in our next update, along with a slew of other tweaks, changes, and features to make controlling your dictionary a better experience, with even more improvements planned for the future.

The interface: First and foremost, please bear in mind that interface design and customization is determined by the manufacturer. Many of our OEM partners request specific themed versions of Swype to match the rest of their products' look and feel. We provide a default "reference" design which OEMs are able to modify to their liking. This includes color schemes, graphical assets, alt-character placement, and much more. We're also in the process of developing some tools to allow us to provide a wider variety of interface options directly to end-users, so keep an eye out for improvements coming in future versions of Swype.

The lack of dictionary control has been duly noted, as it continues to be one of the elements of Swype that clearly frustrates users. As I mentioned above, better dictionary control is something that we're actively working on. We have very solid plan for how we want to approach the issue, but it's not a quick fix. It will be a whole new set of features designed to give the user a much better experience when it comes to adding, removing, and managing dictionary content. This project is still very much in development, but it's coming along quickly and is looking awesome from what I've seen.

Combating dictionary pollution is a part of that new dictionary control project, but it's also something that needs to be addressed from a proactive standpoint: preventing these junk "words" from ever getting into the dictionary in the first place. I can't really say much more than that we know it's an issue and are constantly working on ways to improve these kinds of behaviors.

Thank you for taking the time to offer feedback. Even though the tone wasn't the friendliest I've seen, you provided additional valuable insight into exactly what it is that may keep users from falling in love with Swype. We want to continue improving Swype as much as possible, so this kind of information is critical. As long as you keep using Swype, we'll keep working to improve the experience as much as possible.

02-15-2011, 7:09 PM
Thank you admin. Hope to see improvements in swype as what you've mentioned =)

02-15-2011, 9:10 PM
I would just like jump in here.

Re: Swype resource intensiveness
Sophos, I think swype just sells the program, if your phone manufacturer installs swype as a pre-load, that's their problem, maybe they didn't do enough testing?
Maybe your phone shouldn't have gotten the preload in the first place. Just because huawei can, doesn't mean they should.

Swype Team,
I think as long as swype doesn't get bloated, I think you'll be fine. By this time next year, mainstream phones will be 1ghz. Rarely is there any noticeable lag with the swype processing for my phone (Samsung Captivate, 1ghz hummingbird).

Re: Dictionary
Yeah, you're right, that's my biggest gripe with the app right now.
Whatever your "grand scheme" is, I think part of it should include a user controlled "banned words" list. Even if the core dictionary gets polluted, the app should be able to check against the banned list before using/suggesting it.

Re: Tips Box
Is there word on when turning this off will actually prevent tip pop ups?

02-16-2011, 7:24 AM
Thanks for the kind words, Culverin.

Re: Dictionary
Yeah, you're right, that's my biggest gripe with the app right now.
Whatever your "grand scheme" is, I think part of it should include a user controlled "banned words" list. Even if the core dictionary gets polluted, the app should be able to check against the banned list before using/suggesting it.
One of the things that we've done, which has already been completed in our nightly internal builds, is to change how we handle deleted words. Previously, when we deleted a word from the dictionary, we would simply completely remove its record from the database. Instead, we've added a "deleted" toggle bit, and modified the suggestion mechanism to suppress any word that have the "deleted" bit set to 1. This way, words you've manually removed from the dictionary will never be automatically added again. You'll be able to manually re-add them, though, if you like.

Re: Tips Box
Is there word on when turning this off will actually prevent tip pop ups?
The "tips indicator" option is actually not meant to disable pop-ups themselves, but rather to make it so that the "Swype" key doesn't flash when there's a new tip. Also, don't confuse "tips" with "notifications." Tips are the things that come up when you tap the Swype key; the suggestions on how to improve your Swyping. Notifications, on the other hand, are...well...they're notifications of something we feel the user needs to be made aware of.

As I mentioned above, the Hidden Word notification has been completely removed from all builds going forward, so this is kind of a moot point anyway, since that's the only notification that really seems to be getting in peoples' way :)

05-20-2011, 7:48 AM
Thank GAWD you are removing/have removed the "hidden word" popup. I was ready to scrap SWYPE over that thing. Now hopefully AT&T will roll out a new release to the Captivate so I can be rid of it. I don't need a popup every time a custom word masks/resembles a regular word!