View Full Version : Intelligently choose possible swyped words based on sentence structure

02-01-2011, 6:05 AM
When swyping words, the most likely next words should either be placed and/or appear in the word selection box. Many of the suggested words from the word selection box are way way off what was intended, often regardless of accuracy of the swiped words, requiring a cancel and complete re-swype of the words, often getting the word wrong again before being third time lucky.

This would definitely make swype far more powerful. Keyboards such as swiftkey are able to predict the next more likely word if a word is mistyped, which makes for far less corrections. With swype it can be difficult to trust the keyboard to complete a sentence without strange words appearing throughout.

The amount of times I swype some words and have to end up completely backspacing the word because the suggestions of what I have swyped are so far from what I am saying it gets very frustrating, usually to the extent of requiring me to take a break from swype and using another keyboard to cool off that frustration, which shouldn't happen.

This forward thinking principle alone would make swype far more pleasurable to use. It still remains as my daily keyboard, but I would love to go through the day with far less corrections.

Chuck McKnight
02-01-2011, 8:05 AM
I agree that sentence completion prediction would be a powerful feature to add if possible. In the meantime, however, rather than stopping to backspace and re-swype every mistake, I find that it is much quicker to first complete your sentence with mistakes in place. Then go back and double-tap on the mistakes to select and correct them.