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01-28-2011, 10:56 AM
Appologies if already discussed but i did not see when searching...

Everytime I swype "Yeah" it comes up "Utah"... Can't Swype have some weighting system that if I choose to correct Utah to Yeah to X times (from the suggestion list) then next time it would show me Yeah by deafult?


Melanie Jones
01-28-2011, 11:58 PM
Couldn't agree more... Utah, really? Over yeah?

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02-01-2011, 5:50 AM
I'm always getting djung instead of doing. It gets very frustrating. Corrections should definitely be learnt, and push down the priority of words when they are never used.

02-08-2011, 7:54 AM
The important bit:

I don't know if Swype "learns" about user word choice to any extent at present.

It feels to me like it doesn't learn at all, and as such this has to be one of the most crucial feature requests that I can think of.

I'm a heavy texter, and it pains me throughout the day that I have to repeatedly, consistently correct certain words. (Naturally, the same goes for email, and all other forms of text entry.)

This is especially important given the lack of "powerful" dictionary control that users have. (e.g., Swype automatically including words from address book and other sources, which essentially "cannot" be deleted.)

Some of the worst offenders from my Swyping include: "top" instead of "to", "utah" instead of "yeah", and "judy" instead of "just"*, etc. (Note: "hopping" doesn't seem to work elegantly for me in most situations. I don't think it's a viable, catch-all solution. But I'm not suggesting it should be removed from Swype.)

I don't know how tough a technical challenge such a system would be, but it seems to me that simple "use-based weighting" (as with T9, I think) would be the most obvious method. Or perhaps a combination of this and "correction-based weighting". (I'm making these terms up. They sound sensible enough.)

For example:
- every time I type "to", it gets a point which gives it higher precedence, and/or:
- Swype could analyse my existing texts, and discover 500 instances of "yeah" vs 1 instance of "utah", giving "yeah" higher precedence, and/or:
- every time I use the word choice window to select "just" instead of "judy", the former gets a point which gives it higher precedence, etc.

In every case, Swype should always choose the word with highest precedence, and not show me the word choice window (I can always pop that up if I happen to want the word I use far less regularly).

This is really important to me, and is intertwined with other serious Swype issues (lack of powerful dictionary management, automatic integration of new words into dictionary, etc.). I would love to see some work done on it.


(And apologies if there's a better thread where this has already been discussed. This one was the first I found.)

Some extended thoughts:

It's not just words..
One of the other most regular problems I have is Swype producing "cb[space]" ("cb ") or "vb[space]" ("vb ") instead of "[comma][space]" (", "). This is probably something that's harder to tame, but I hope that if the devs tackle the issue overall, there might be some magic to resolve this. :-)

Powerful dictionary management with word choice weighting adjustment.
If it turns out there is already some of this going on under the bonnet, or if it does get implemented to a useful extent, then please, devs: give the power users a tool to manage not only the full dictionary used by Swype, but also the selection weightings of each word! Sometimes there are words on the fence (e.g. "might" is used 49% of the time, "night" 51% of the time), but users will want to give such selections a bias!

Learning single word usage vs more complex structures.
It's similar to a suggestion like this: http://forum.swype.com/showthread.php?2671-Intelligently-choose-possible-swyped-words-based-on-sentence-structure

However, I'm guessing that choosing single words based on the historical frequency of their *singular* use, vs analysing them in the context of other words (which is what I believe the other post is getting at, and what some keyboards for Android actually attempt to provide), is a simpler affair. And it's also just what I'm after. At the end of the day, my vocabulary is probably much more stale and stable than I imagine. :-)

02-14-2011, 3:50 PM
this is something I believe my BlackBerry used to do when I used a SureType keypad, and I very much miss this. it learned that I am several more times likely to use "guys" instead of "hits"

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03-22-2013, 9:50 AM
FYI... I know it is 2 years later but I no longer have this issue with the currect Swype.... I love it!