View Full Version : Most amusing mistakes?

Chuck McKnight
01-23-2011, 4:57 PM
Swype is pretty accurate most of the time, but when it does mess up, the mistakes tend to be pretty humorous. What are some of the most amusing mistakes that have come up in your usage of swype.

The recurring one for me is my first name, "Chuck," which frequently renders as "Chick."

Another funny one I just got a few minutes ago was "invariant badged potatoes" (attempting to swype "instant mashed potatoes").

01-25-2011, 4:03 AM
There may be funny ones, but since swype learns apparently every foreign word 'typed' in (as well as any mistyped word), it gets annoying after a while. And cleaning the dictionary is not easily possible currently.

02-03-2011, 8:43 AM
I always get a chuckle out of what comes up when Swyping my favorite obscenities that have yet to be added into the dictionary 8]