View Full Version : FYI For new Android update (2.2.1)

01-23-2011, 5:58 AM
Just a quick bug fix - LG has been rolling out Froyo (2.2.1) on the LG Ally over the last few days, and it breaks Swype (at least it did for me).

After a bit of messing about - I fixed mine by un-installing Swype, rebooting & reinstalling the Installer again from the Beta site (I had to re-name the installer to to get a fresh copy for some reason).
After installing with the new Installer, switching back to the Android keyboard, re- licensing Swype and switching back to the Swype keyboard (it walks you through the steps when you reinstall) - It now Works again! :cool:

Happy happy - joy joy...the regular keyboard was driving me batty!