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01-22-2011, 1:42 AM
Swype is designed for fluid natural text input. So, what I'm request may actually be incompatible with Swype. If so, okay.

Swype can learn words. And it can then repeat those words when it sees the user entering the root of the learned word. But it always applies the currently-selected capitalisation rules, no matter what capitalisation was used on teaching Swype the word.

Admittedly, this is for passwords, which is not an ideal use of Swype, but some people might want to use it (especially those whose devices support encryption, unlike *sniff* my Galaxy Tab! Google - get encryption out here, now!!)

So, I'd like a way to teach Swype a word, and to mark that taught word to *always* be entered using the exact capitalisation which was used when the word was taught. This would probably have to be a new meta-tag which the user could assign to a word in an explicit training session, e.g. go in to a blank notepad, enter the word precisely, and hit the Swype key to bring up a Swype menu where we could select "learn, with fixed capitalisation".

Thank you for your consideration.

01-22-2011, 8:36 AM
At least have the option in suggestions would be nice also.
Ex; I write "SlideIt" on my SlideIt , ShapeWriter and Ultra Keyboard I get the choice of slideit and SlideIt. Swype makes me type if I want caps in the middle . I don't mind typing passwords but for other things I'd rather have the suggestion choice. If I add SlideIt it saves it as all lower case.

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