View Full Version : Easy Capitalization- Add capitalized letter to Long Press; Swype Up; multitouch Shift

01-22-2011, 1:38 AM
[Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android 2.2]

We need an easier way to enter single capital letters. Today, the only way I find to do it is either the setting to capitalise the first letter by default (which I turn off, as it has the unfortunate habit of inappropriately capitalising the first letter of Email@addresses and other things), or to tap the Shift key and then tap the desired letter.

The various other ways I've seen various platforms allow entry of single capital letters include:
* Swipe up from that single letter (Windows Mobile v5 default on-screen keyboard)
* Long press the letter, select the capitalised form from the pop-up list of extended characters associated with that key (Windows Mobile v5 default on-screen keyboard)
* Multi-touch devices: press (and hold) Shift, tap desired letter, release Shift

My last device was Windows Mobile. Even though I was on the last version (6.5.x) which had a similarly "iPhone like" keyboard as the stock Android keyboard, I manually forced Windows Mobile on my old Touch Diamond2 device to use the traditional Windows Mobile on-screen keyboard specifically for its efficient gesture support. I am quite accustomed to the Swipe-up method for capitalising a letter, and I like it because it's fast. Tap-swipe-release, no long holds and no waiting. So, my preference would be for Swype to have this mode.

Swyping Up from a letter to capitalize it *almost* works in the Swype on my Galaxy Tab. It works if the letter being typed is *not* a standalone letter; that is, it is any one letter out of several which are being Swyped at one time (first, middle, last letter of the word, doesn't matter as long as its not the only letter of the "word"). It does not work when you want just that one letter, standalone, capital.

Try this: Press F and Swype up. You cannot get a single capital letter F, you get a weird menu of non-words (in my case, I see 555f, fR, fT, cD, ... and while I'm sure I accidentally taught Swype some of those, I am equally sure I did not teach Swype all of those, and Swype will not allow me to delete them all, and I shouldn't have to delete lots of things just to get each and every letter to be allowed to be entered standalone capitalised anyway).

If I press F, Swype up and continue onwards to a l (loop) l, I properly get "Fall". So, Swype gets the F, and gets the Swype Up - it just doesn't like the single "word" made up of just the capital letter F.

In fact, Swype doesn't like ANY single capital letter, at least not by Swyping up.

My second choice - and I suggest this should be implemented even if my first suggestion above also can be implemented - is to add the capitalised form of every letter to the extended character options menu which pops up when you long-press a key. It's not really faster than tap Shift + tap the letter key, but it avoids the need to move your finger from where you want to type (the letter) to somewhere else (the shift key).

Finally, for speed (and because my Galaxy Tab happens to be a multi-touch devices, as are more and more today), I also suggest adding the ability to press-hold the Shift key and tap the desired letter. If you have two fingers available, it's as fast as Swype Up, and may be less prone to misinterpretation. However, as it requires two fingers and multitouch, this again should be an additional feature, not the only or preferred way to enter standalone capital letters.

Thank you for your consideration.