View Full Version : 2.3.2 breaks swype beta on Galaxy nexus S

01-21-2011, 8:27 PM
Just got the OTA update to 2.3.2 and my beta swype no longer works.

It works except the swyping part - just does not read the movement.

I have uninstalled and tried reinstalling from this site and now it says did not install.
So I do not have Swype currently on my galaxy nexus S

Is there an update to the beta to fix this coming real soon??
I was just getting good at using it too....


OK update

Uninstall , reboot and reinstall got me up and working YES !

01-22-2011, 2:54 AM
had the exact same issue, so thanks v. much for posting the solution. 1 day using the default Android keyboard was already too much!

fwiw, to anyone else reading, all you have to uninstall is the Swype application itself. then, you re-run the existing installer. if it's not the latest version, you'll be prompted to upgrade the installer and then you can install the latest Swype application, as well. you'll have to enable Swype again in your Settings and choose it as the default Input method (long press on any text field).


01-22-2011, 7:10 AM
My swype on Nexus S, after Gingerbread update, still DOES NOT work. I uninstalled, reboot, reinstalled, andRe-enable swype. Words don't appear in the text field. My suspicion is that the dictionary is missing. It is tracing the paths fine, but just no words appearing. Any idea, peeps?