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01-19-2011, 10:37 PM
I have swype preloaded on a Dell Streak , it came with the official Froyo update.

While trying to learn Swype, it apparently learnt a lot of my typoes :-(

Is there a way to edit the swype dictionary without doing the manual editing procedure the popup help suggest? I dont even know which words have been added.

Also, the Faq said that automatic learning of typed words is optional, but I cannot find a toggle for that in the swype options...

I really would like a way to explicitly teach Swype words, and not have it learn every mistyped word (i often fall back to typing, and that is also not yet error-free).
Maybe similar to the unlearn function: Swype should mark unknown words and allow adding them when selected and the Swype key is pressed?

Finally, support for multiple language dictionaries would be nice. A word should be added to the dictionary specified. I often write emails etc mixing languages and words from one should not contaminate another language's dictionary. But of course Swype should check both/ more than one language when looking for a word, possibly with some form of automatic detection of language per sentence (or even phrase)

I also don't understand why when swype can tell me about a word hiding mine, there is no immediate way to delete the word that is hiding, but only an instruction to retype the hiding word (which is st that time on screen and down in that dialogue! and then to delete it using the swype key.if would be do much easier to have a burton to remove the hiding word from the dictionary right away

01-21-2011, 11:42 PM
Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android 2.2 -

Feature request:
I second the original poster's request for a much more direct way to instruct Swype to delete from its dictionary the word that was hiding the word I just tried to type. If I type "something", and Swype pops up a menu of words with a (mis)learned "simething" above "something", I select "something" and Swype says "simething" was hiding your word, I should be able to tap the Swype key right there and have a one-tap 'delete "simething"' option.

Comment/ [bug?]
I further second the original poster's request for a much easier way to bulk purge words from Swype's dictionary. For example, Swype seems to either have come preloaded with, or somehow learned from me, a bewildering variety of "two letter" words (with odd capitalizations), such as "fT" "fR" "dR" "cF" "jU" -- these appear when I capital-Swype a single letter (e.g. tap "f" and Swype up off the top of the keyboard). For most of these, selecting the word and tapping the Swype key does NOT bring up the offer to delete the word from Swype's dictionary, yet Swype will continue to retype those incorrect two letter combinations when I tap-Swype-up again. Perhaps Swype should not learn two-letter combinations, as a general rule? In any case, an easy way to enter a single Capital letter is needed.