View Full Version : Dictionary and also numbers

01-15-2011, 6:01 PM
There are many words in the dictionary that I will never use which overlap with words I use often. For example I often get "muss" instead of "miss". I don't even know what "muss" is, yet invariably I get it by default. I have this same problem with "this" and "thus".

I'm not sure if the dictionary learns, but it doesn't seem to as I often get the same wrong words. I'd like a way to edit the dictionary. Ideally there would be three editable dictionaries. The normal dictionary with all words, a preferred dictionary with words that I use often and a dictionary with off-limits words... words that will never be suggested or auto-corrected (for example "****" for "don't", that was embarrassing!)

I would also like a way (a check box works) to eliminate any words that start with a digit. I'm never going to say 2nite or 2moro. I'd like to enter digits without suggestions.