View Full Version : licenced swype beta and metamorph

01-13-2011, 2:38 PM
referring to this http://www.xda-developers.com/android/official-stance-from-swype-inc-regarding-its-distribution/ to my understanding says that it IS ok to theme swype with metamorph as long as your not messing with the licence stuff but mostly refers to preinstalled versions. does this mean that i cannot theme the beta?

yes i have root permissions, yes i know how to use metamorph but any time i touch swype, i get force closes like crazy...

is there some sort of thing built into swype that makes it act up if you move it from data/app or something like that?

it would be nice if one could move it to system/app, theme it with metamorph and if the licence gets messed up, relicence it with the installer.

as for swype... it is the BEST KEYBOARD IN THE WORLD! and i just want it to look cooler or at least match the rest of my phone :P

01-13-2011, 4:07 PM
Er... Never mind. I got it themed :)

02-01-2011, 10:04 AM
Could you mention how you did it. It's been bugging me for 3 weeks.