View Full Version : An Essential Request on Turkish Swype

01-12-2011, 12:52 PM
I've been using Swype (v2.6.47.11856) on my HTC Desire for a few days now. I am mostly satisfied with my experience, yet there is one lacking option that has been annoying me on Swype(turkish).

When you type one of the following letters (,ş,ı,ğ) in your text message, your character limit becomes 70 instantly. (It is 160 normally in a text mesaage.) So we, most turk people tend to not use that particular characters in our texts. To clarify, 'sıradan' means 'ordinary, regular' in turkish, when you swype it, swype automatically enters the word with an 'ı' in a correct yet limiting way. But we write that word as 'siradan' (intentionally incorrect) in our texts to have more characters. But swiping limits your characters to 70 without even suggesting the other form.

If swype to offer an 'use only latin characters' option, there would not be such an problem.

Otherwise an impressive app, with accurate prediction.

Thanks in advance.