View Full Version : Dictionary export or sync feature

01-10-2011, 12:44 AM
After reinstalling Swype without deleting any cached data or anything, the whole dictionary will be reset. This just happened to me the second time and it's getting really frustrating!
I am typing in an extreme dialect which is similar to German but many of the times I only use about one or two German words in a whole sentence.

So an dictionary export / sync feature of all of my manually added words is really needed!

I for myself would prefer a way such as HTC with it's own Sense keyboard is going. They use a personal dictionary editor where you can see and delete all the custom words you've put into. Also this personal dictionary is syncable to an online service (actually I'm not sure if it's synced to my Google account or to an HTC one, but that doesn't matter really).
On the other hand, a simple export-to-file feature could also do it.

What really matters to me is that I don't have to type a few hundred words over and over into Swype manually, just to use it the way it works for me. I love Swype but this missing feature could be a deal breaker.