View Full Version : Quotes are handled very wrong. Backspacing should not remove the quote.

01-04-2011, 7:39 PM
This is how it goes. I longpress backspace to remove words - it's easy.

If I put down a quote, it looks like this: "

So then I want to spell the word step, so I put it in:


Oh no! Swype once again mistook my word because it insists on ignoring the letter I start on, the letters I pause over, and the letter I stop on (:P), so now I am going to longpress backspace and do it again. So I longpress backspace:

And it's all gone. Including the quotation mark. So now, I need to start over, and hope Swype doesn't mistake the word again. I have battled Swype four or five times before tapping it in, or getting it right before, and it is a hassle, and it is unpolished.

Bottom line: Longpress backspacing should not remove the punctuation mark.