View Full Version : I want auto-spacing fixed.

01-04-2011, 7:35 PM
I don't understand Swype's approach to auto-spacing, and it grates on me continually.

Auto-spacing does not add the space until you continue typing the new word. It makes a mockery of the cursor itself, as it completely ignores where it's located and decides to go wherever it wants.

If I am trying to spell a compound word, knowing Swype won't know it, and I spell the first word, when I lift my finger, the cursor is at the end of the word. From there, I need to hit space, then backspace, then swype my next word. Why? Because of the cursor. It should automatically space, as it says.

Now, if you use a period (or any punctuation), it simply puts it at the end of the word - and autospaces so the next word does not go against the period (something else Swype does not do.) If you put down another period, it does the same, so you don't end up with an elipsis that looks like . . .

It's very simple logic. It's how Swype should work. I'd like to see this fixed.