View Full Version : Swype Changes

01-01-2011, 3:56 PM
Here are a couple of things that I feel are annoying in the current version of swype that could be better.

First - If I tap a letter and the window pops up, make the default selection the letter (or letters if I am tapping multiple letters).
Second - This is similar to the first, except it has to do with numbers. Every time I tap a number I get some other stuff as the default selection. I want the number to be the default selection
Third - It seems as though the word accuracy has could be better. I can still type faster than tapping, but think it could be better if I don't have to worry about checking every work that I spell.

On the other side of things I like.

I like the ability to have speech to text. that is something that is an awesome feature on any keyboard. I also like how smooth the system seems to work. I can type faster than the stock keyboard.

BTW..I run this on a CDMA Desire.