View Full Version : LG Vortex, Facebook for Android Chat Issue

12-31-2010, 3:26 PM
Hi, I'm new to Swype and Android, but having an issue on my LG Vortex which came preinstalled with Swype. The Vortex comes with Facebook for LG preinstalled which is great but doesn't include the ability to use facebook chat. The Facebook for Android app does.

But here's the issue, when using the Swype keyboard to input a message, if at any point the "Hidden Word" popup shows up... what you have previously swyped in, is deleted. This happens in both Portrait and Landscape modes of the keyboard.

I cannot say if this also happens with other parts of the app, but I did not experience it.

Hope there will be a fix for this. I don't use the chat on my phone a lot. But it became very frustrating when it kept happening during a long chat session, I eventually switched to the Android keyboard until I was done chatting.

Edit: My phone is a Verizon LG Vortex (just got it in December), If I'm not mistaken it runs Android 2.2, I am not rooted.

02-20-2011, 5:26 PM
I guess this is bumping...?

I'm similarly affected by problems with Swype and its interference with certain applications. Any time the dialog box appears it will delete what I entered into the text box, specifically with FaceBook.

I am using a Droid X with Android 2.2, the Swype that comes default to the phone along with the FaceBook app that comes stock to the phone.