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12-30-2010, 7:21 PM
Before getting the Beta I used a few other keyboards including Shapewriter. Swype is far better at predicting words, but I waste way more time fixing errors with Swype, mainly because Swype causes errors of a strange sort. Frankly, the two programs are pretty similar, neither meets all my needs, but if the best of each were combined then we'd have a great app.

So here are some suggestions after using other keyboards, many lifted from Shapewriter.

1) Capitalization
As mentioned elsewhere, auto caps should be standard on words like Monday. But beyond that, rather than a shift button, I suggest a caps button you hit AFTER swyping a word. Hit it once and it capitalizes the word, hit it twice and it capitalizes the whole word. Tap the cursor to a specific point within a word and it capitalizes the letter to the right of the cursor for CamelCase words. This just turns out to be much faster for me.

2) Tapping shouldn't predict
There is nothing as frustrating as typing in a number and having some email address be the top autopredict suggestion. If I'm tapping it's because I want to type something I know isn't in the dictionary. Otherwise I'd swype it. So just shelve the dictionary suggestions when I'm tapping, or at the very least, have whatever I tap be the top choice so I don't have to then select what I just tapped out on the keyboard to confirm that's what I want.

3) No space when tapping
I frequently swype out a word I want pluralized and it ends up with no S. That might be my poor Swype form, but it's still annoying and I just want to be able to hit S and have it added to the word. When tapping, it should not automatically insert a space before the tapped word. Tapping should be considered editing. Not swyping, as that's what it is used for in this kind of interface. There are lots of space insertion issues that I've noticed, like with quotes, but can't think of what else here.

4) Numbers
Please god help. A major purpose of text messaging is to say something to the effect of "I'll be there at 7:30pm" That takes FOREVER to swype this now. You have to know this. I won't even bother suggesting how to fix except to say Shapewriter has it pretty much down pat. Just copy them. No space after ":" rearrange the keyboard, and let pm and am follow directly after numbers with no space.

5) instant sending of tapped keys
Not sure what to call this. But I would love if swype sent the info (letters and numbers) I'm tapping directly to the phone as I do this. Many websites and apps now have autocomplete or even instant results, like Google. When searching for an app for instance, I'd like to be able to hit A and have all the apps with A show up right away, not A then select A from the suggestions in swype then have it appear in the search bar. I don't think I'm explaining this right, but if I am typing rather than swyping a word, I don't see why the letters can't appear in the text box as I type them. Why wait to send that info to other apps? This is especially helpful if I'm trying to remind myself of the name or email address of someone ... way faster to type in "mna" and have mnascimento@example.com show up for selection than me having to swype it all out.

6) Dictionary clutter
I have deleted "dio" from my dictionary so many times I can't even tell you because every time I swype "do" it comes out "dio" but somehow it keeps coming back. It would be great that without deleting dio Swype could learn that the shape it thinks is dio always gets changed to do and thus have do be the word for that shape, but that's another issue I presume you are working on. Not sure what or why dio comes up in the dictionary over and over after I delete it, but that's worse than me having to add in words that aren't there. Where do these non-words come from? Why are tfn, usn, br, in the dictionary? They may be in my address book somewhere, but there has to be a way to distinguish between a word or number combo in an street address field and a word I want, or somehow prioritize them and keep them on page two of the suggestions unless I actually pick them more than once.

That's all for now, I think.

Thanks for reimagining the keyboard. Once it's all worked out, it will change how we type.

01-04-2011, 8:42 AM
Just some points
1) I'm neutral to this.

2) This can be turned off in android settings. It's the first thing i did as it was incredibly annoying. I've seen far superior prediction systems too. If you've seen touchpal it's prediction is really pretty: http://www.cootek.com/images/screenshot/intro3-1.png
It doesn't get in the way of what you're typing and is really quick and easy to choose a predicted word. But i do agree that for me, there's no reason to predict if I'm tapping.

3) I do find this an issue, but i'm not entirely sure what the solution is. Swype seems to recognise when you've cleared the space the first time, so i tend to hit space, backspace, then the characters I want in anticipation of this issue. The autospacing is useful in some circumstances, but i agree that in the majority of circumstances when tapping, you dont want autospace. Overall, I agree that there should be a way to turn off autospacing when tapping.

4) Absolutely agree. I've never used Shapewriter before but numbers are pretty horrible to use on swype.

5) Again, turn off word prediction in android settings. It'll send keys instantly, and it's way better than the rubbish prediction window.

6) I agree entirely, I'm hoping for an option to turn off auto learning. If i want android to learn a word, i can simply hold down the word and add it to the User Dictionary instead.

01-04-2011, 7:25 PM
1. While I agree that auto-caps should be on many certain words, I don't understand your dilemma. It's insanely easy to capitalize a word in Swype as is, with an option for tappers and for swypers. What's your problem with it? If anything, my problem with Swype's capitalization is based on how Swype detects words, so if I am swyping up to above the letter line, it sometimes thinks I want one of the letters I swype over, and capitalizes the second letter. THAT'S the issue. Capitalization is fine.

2. I don't use prediction for that reason. Also, this is Swype, how much tapping do you use?

3. I have no idea what you are asking for. My issue with tapping is Swype sometimes interprets a tap as me swyping two letters. THAT needs to be fixed.

4. What the hell is wrong with the numbers in Swype? 7:30? Longpress X, longpress J, longpress Y, longpress B. Done. 7:30. You cannot get simpler.

5. This has nothing to do with Swype.

6. Yes dictionary clutter is a problem.

01-21-2011, 6:44 AM
1. Just swype a loop over the keyboard and it caps whatever you want. I agree, it would be a nice to have.

2 & 4 & 5. Wow, I just turned off "Word Prediction" for the first time (I've been swyping for a YEAR) and I can't believe the difference typing numbers!! Wow! The long press thing is nice but hit SYM and tap 7:30 (without prediction and it goes right in with long pressing).

3. Yes, this drives me crazy... I often swype the word in its singular form and just want to add an "s" to the end. Sometimes I do the space & backspace but that is time consuming and awkward .. Oh and just trying to position the cursor in the right spot is insane, it takes me five taps to get it right (but thats an Android problem which 3.0 will fix).

6. Yes, the clutter in the dictionary drives me crazy and the fact that you can't delete words from the built-in dictionary stinks.


06-06-2015, 8:30 PM
1. Me too, though I'd also like to be able to capitalize the first letter by drag from Shift to the letter.

3. I like the space after a word, but when I Swype the word it does not insert the
Trailing space until I start Swypeing the next word. My suggestion is to insert the space,
and use two deletes to UNDO the word completion/correction.

4. I'd suggest that ?123 drag ... Act like a long press. This would permit me to rapidly enter nnumbers and symbols.