View Full Version : Just switched to EVO...

12-26-2010, 12:54 PM
Replacing a single incorrect letter in a long word has become less easy. With the Hero, I could easily use the trackball to get the cursor into the middle of the word, now it seems like touching anywhere in a word selects the whole thing.

Maybe this makes more sense, makes a series of other actions easier that are more important (deletion, total word replacement, etc.). Especially difficult if word is incorrectly autocapitalized.

Pressing and holding doesn't seem to give me the text selection options I was looking for.

I note the normal Android keyboard has added some cursor movement arrows... maybe someday you could those, but keyboard space is at a premium, so maybe a separate keyboard (like one of the buried alternate SYM keyboards) that is centered around cursor navigation, so it wouldn't add too much weight to the interface.

Maybe there's not a good way to balance the usability scenarios here, not sure.

12-27-2010, 1:39 PM
Do you know about our EDITING layer? Simply Swype from teh SWYPE key to the SYM key to access a layer specifically designed for these types of situations! Arrow keys, cut/copy/paste buttons, etc, are all at your fingertips :P

12-27-2010, 6:18 PM
And another thing that I found on accident... if you double tap a word then hit the shift key it brings up a menu of that same word with different capitalization options. For example... say you got "the" from the swype keyboard. Double tap it to select the word, hit the shift key, and the menu would have "the, The, and THE" in it. Pretty sweet.

That and the swipe from the swype key to the sym key that Brian mentioned above will help you a lot.

One more sweet shortcut is the swype key to the 5 key (F key) to get to the number pad.

Now if they could only fix that pesky hidden word notice and all those contact names getting priority issue...