View Full Version : Lovin Swype

12-23-2010, 6:34 AM
I'm a casual texter, not really puttin much personality into my words like I used to back in the day. I came from a line of phones with physical qwerty keyboards. Now that I transitioned to a smartphone (Droid Incredible), texting is a little difficult. I get frustrated because I would always press 'S" instead of 'A'. My hands are normal size.

Then I finally got the invite to download swype! Finally. The tutorial got me started right away. And I must admit, I truely am addicted to it. I find any excuse to swype. "Hey, what's the number to pizza hut?" Hold on man, let me google it on my phone...swype swype swype..got it! I'm also finally enjoying the simple pleasure of sending people text messages again!

Text input is also a lot faster than punching in characters one by one..I can zig zag, loop it, and I have a whole sentence already. Not knocking the non swypers, but I noticed some people at the gym on their phone...texting..It looked kinda funny seeing them using just one finger to type. I thought to myself, if they only had swype they would recognize how much time they can save..

Just wanted to thank the staff for allowing me an opportunity. I enjoy it very much and I hope to contribute.