View Full Version : Better backspace behavior

12-22-2010, 2:42 AM
The backspace isn't doing it for me...

There are two timing issues here:

1) The word-delete long press (time required to enter word-delete-mode) is too slow. Another thread suggested a way to change the long-press time... this is a good idea, and can solve the sluggishness of the word-delete (and other special character input).

2) The typematic rate or the repeat of the word-delete-mode is also quite slow...

Maybe there could be an option to set the backspace key to default to word delete mode, so with each tap, it deletes 1 word?

I know you can tap the shift key twice, to change the backspace key into word-delete mode, but if I have time to tap the shift key twice, then I have enough time to long-press the backspace key... not helping that much...

If you think about it, Swype is a word-input-method, not really a character-input-method... if you swyped the word "reading", and you meant to swype "readers", and you delete the "ing", what do you do now? Do you tap out "e-r-s"? or do you swype "ers"?

Looks like Swype is clever enough to see that when you swype "ers", it appends it to the "read", forming "readers"; however - its not very natural to swype "ers" (it is more natural to swype a whole word), and with the knowledge that Swype usually adds a space automatically, you might be expecting to end up with "read ers", which will require even more correction...

With this in mind, I would much rather prefer to delete the incorrect word "reading", and just swipe "readers" from the start, but that long-press on the backspace key, makes this painful!

Another thought: maybe add a gesture to the backspace key, (swyping from the backspace key towards the left), to act as a word-delete? (single word delete, so multiple gestures would be required to delete multiple words...)