View Full Version : WOW! You can write a txt even when the bar maid can't understand you

12-13-2010, 5:43 AM
I was frustrated with my keyboard on Android, this was the only thing I missed from my sluggish iPhone 3g.

Cursing Google I tried all the keyboards I could find and ended up sticking with the original one while waiting for my Beta account to become active...

I was ever so pleased to receive the email from the Swype team last week and eagerly downloaded the keyboard. Other than it once complaining over the weekend that it was activated for another device it has been a total dream.

Even during the Christmas party where my finger-screen co-ordination was suitable impaired I managed to let the wife know I was still alive and making my way home... not ONE spelling mistake!!

You guys have revolutionised the touch screen keyboard, when (I assume when) you start charging for this I'd be happy to pay (around 5) should I have had a month to demo it and if you accept donations to your incredible work I will happily swype my card!

Great work, much appreciated by me (and the wife)!