View Full Version : Thank You for letting me into the BETA!. Love it.

Joseph Goldscher
12-12-2010, 10:34 AM
Just got my beta invitation this week and was very suprised. Thank You, Thank You. In the past I had to hunt for an old working version. Will gladly pay for this software when the beta ends for my EVO

12-19-2010, 7:44 AM
I am jealous :(
How do I get to try a beta version on my HTC Desire HD? I tested the pre-loaded Swype on the Nexus S.
I was stunned by it's ease of use and accuracy.
Pls pls...may I also be in the beta pgm? It'll be a great Christmas present :)

Season's greeting y'all!!

12-23-2010, 8:15 AM
hi, i am carl, i am using motto phone and now looking for its skins

12-30-2010, 11:58 PM
I really love Swype. Thank you for including me in the beta. It's changed the way I use my phone. It's so fast that I'll actually reply to emails or post detailed blogs.

It seems to be learning based upon my selections so that the more I use it, the faster it becomes.

I only have three minor issues:

1. For some reason, it caps locks when I start to type on twitter. But only twitter. It's very weird.

2. I wish that if I add a name to the dictionary with a capitalized first letter, that it would keep the capital when it supplies that word in future writings.

3. I really love that it deletes a whole word at a time when I hold down the backspace button, but when I am typing a URL, sometimes it would be nice to delete quickly without losing the whole URL. Or to be able to delete a whole "word" which might be between slashes or periods. So for instance, if I'm at http://www.google.com/maps, it would be nice to delete just maps.

Thanks again!