View Full Version : Colon on numeric keyboard

04-22-2010, 6:09 PM
We need a colon on the numeric keyboard...if you are entering a time or number of times, you can't type 10:30 or similar from the numeric keyboard.

04-27-2010, 3:11 PM
Maybe replace the :-) in the number pad with the :

***** this is. I will hit the smiley face and then backspace a couple times just to get the colon, when I need to enter a time using the numeric keyboard.

05-04-2010, 7:12 PM
Thanks for your suggestions guys! We are always looking to improve Swype and we are constantly compiling our list of suggestions from users!

06-17-2010, 5:28 PM
New to android beta today. on numeric keypad, holding period produces colon, but when I tap 7 hold . it puts up 76ers... huh? entering times has got to be easier than this. I should be able to swype 7 . 3 0 and get 7:30 or 7.30 maybe 7 circle. 30 for 7:30 .

I found the instructions for deleting words from the dictionary, but it doesn't seem to work. it looks sort of like it uses the system dictionary since I see some personal unique entries beginning with numbers coming up.

Entering times in text messages and emails is pretty common, so I would appreciate any work that can be done on this.

06-17-2010, 5:46 PM
Thanks for the suggestion Race! There are still a few peculiarities like that around that we need to track down. Exactly what the beta's for! Thanks again!

10-27-2010, 5:56 PM
YES... please.

We need an added colon in numeric keypad, and also a fix for entering time there.

For instance... tap "2", long press "." to get colon, tap "1", tap "5"... the 15 comes up in word select box with no other options and is never auto accepted. If I click on it, the resulting string instead of being "2:15" is "2x: 15". "2x" of course being the default word for tapping "2" rather than the default being the character "2".