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Bob Crabtree
12-11-2010, 2:10 AM
I used Swype for the first time last night and ended up going very late to bed - I couldn't stop thinking about the impact this technology could have on PCs generally (while at the same time realising that it's almost certainly a game-changer on touch-screen mobile phones).

And, I woke up early this morning with a start - and was still thinking about Swype!

I do genuinely believe that Swype has the potential to turn the PC market on its head - and to boost sales to people who otherwise could not or would not use computers.

Okay, Swype seems to be currently aimed at smaller mobile devices but, having written about computer matters since 1981, I can see how its availability on desktop and laptop (and netbook) computers would transform the way that people inter-react with their system.

I'm talking about a huge range of people - old and young; able-bodied and disabled; and both touch-typists and those who won't/don't use PCs because they are intimidated by the keyboard/mouse interface.

I've struggled to see the benefits offered by the current generation of touch-screen and tablet PCs (iPad apart, grudgingly) but I could see how a whole lot of people would find a touch-screen computer with Swype irresistible - if the Swype interface were slightly tweaked (and if the PC screen were presented horizontally, rather than upright).

What I think could make all the difference, though, is a Swype interface that had, in effect, three windows.

The top one, as now, would show the ongoing typing and the pop-up suggestion window; the middle one would be like the current bottom one (ie a display of the keyboard that shows, or can show, the path of the Swyping action; while the third window would be touch-sensitive and present either a touch keyboard (most likely?) or, perhaps, just a plain surface.

My thinking (and hands on with such a three-window arrangement might prove me utterly wrong), is that it overcomes the current problem with Swype where one's fingers (more accurately, one's hand) obscure the keys of the keyboard.

Having this keyboard-activity display ABOVE the text-input area might well do away with the problem entirely.

I'm going to see if Android x86 1.6-r2 recognises my Wacom artpad - if it does, I'll have a better idea of whether what I'm saying here has any validity.

In the interim, I'd be very keen to hear thoughts from other forum members and from the company itself.

Bob Crabtree
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Bob Crabtree
12-11-2010, 4:48 AM
Rats! No Wacom support as yet on Android x86.


01-07-2011, 6:55 AM
Yes I agree. Why not just use a flat touch keyboard? I've seen a glass one in prototype form, but I've not seen a real touch keyboard for a regular PC or MAC. There may have to be some adjustments for one to four fingered typing(Swyping). It may be possible to make the screen and keyboard all in one piece if the keyboard in bent out at the bottom. Arm and wrist support may have to be altered. I would like to know your thoughts. Thanks.

01-07-2011, 1:14 PM
I hate using my desktop because I've been a slider so long, use my phone 99% of the time anyway, and when I have to type I feel like Scotty in Startrek 4 when he couldn't just speak to the computer

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02-02-2011, 5:28 PM
I have just bought the basic bamboo wacom tablet and swype would transform its performance. I hope to see it available soon.

02-03-2011, 2:08 PM
I spend most of my time drawing on my computer with my tablet and I get so royally frustrated when I have to juggle three input devices at once. I'd love to use only my tablet, but god I hate the onscreen keyboard.
By the way, I'd see this as an awesome business idea: To start putting tablets instead of keyboards on laptops. It'd revolutionize the whole industry!