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12-09-2010, 6:52 PM
Guys, I know it's "cool" that Swype already knows all my names of people in my contact list, but I have a thousand of them, and this basically means that regular usage of swype is impossible because all the time the silly "Hidden Word" dialog comes up.

This is truly annoying and an EASY user choice... let me choose to turn it off... please, please... and only learn things that I tell you too, or that at least I swype a few times...




12-10-2010, 4:57 AM
I had a big problem with this as well and I actually started to reply to complain about this as well and as I was posting my example I noticed it was fixed ;) .

in the latest version when you delete a word from the dictionary that's from your contact list it works. Previously if you deleted a word/name that was in your contact list that showed up while trying to swype something else it would still show up after you deleted it.

To delete a word from the swype dictionary, swype whatever word your trying to type and when the name comes up instead of the word you want do this:
1. tap and hold on your screen before the word
2. select "select text", highlight the word/name
3. tap the swype key in the bottom left
4. confirm that you want to delete that word/name from your dictionary.

I see how this can be frustrating for you if you have a huge contact list and a lot of words are being replaced by names, and understand your asking for an option in the settings but this is a good work around. I guess just do it as the names come up instead of the words you're attempting to swype.

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12-22-2010, 2:56 AM
This does not work for me...

I have a contact with first name "Gert".
When I want to type "get", it is always hidden by "Gert" as the default option in the word suggestion popup...

When I type "gert", highlight it, tap the Swype key, choose to delete; the very next attempt to type "get", it gives me "gert" :(

"Gert" is not in the US English dictionary (if you can believe MS Word), so I dunno why Swype keeps on suggesting "gert"?! I'm guessing contact list entries always override any other word?

(I'm on Swype

12-22-2010, 5:25 PM
Fone_Fanatic: 4 steps to remove a word from the User Dictionary doesn't sound too bad but for reasons I don't understand Swype on my HTC Desire isn't limiting itself to just one copy of each word added, it's adding multiple copies. Like phazlehurst, I have close to 1000 contact names, many of them with Mr or Mrs etc & Swype is adding literally dozens of copies of each word (Mr & Mrs) to the dictionary. This week alone I have deleted over 250 copies of each which means I have to repeat steps 3 & 4 over & over again before the word finally go completely. I have to go through the same procedure for each word I want to delete, sometimes just the once but often dozens of times. I also find that Swype is adding post codes as words so I regularly have to clear out dozens of copies of PR1, PR2, PR3 etc. Deleting the odd word as you go along may be an option when Swype has added just 1 or 2 words but it's a lot of hassle and a huge inconvenience when it's added hundreds